Qualification Services

Qualifying a new solution can take a lot of time and effort. With over 30 years of experience of protecting temperature sensitive cargo, we understand how to manage a complex qualification process and to make it less time consuming. 

RAP e2 container

The Qualification Support Package includes the following:

  • Comprehensive test reports taking into consideration all relevant shipping scenarios 
  • Dedicated Cold Chain Managers to support with the qualification process 
  • Hundreds of thousands of real shipment data to support trade lane risks assessment 
  • Documentation such as Operational Manuals, Specifications, Maintenance information and Handing information 
  • Training Courses to support SOP 
  • 7 test chambers to support testing for specific requirement 

Let’s cooperate! You’ll get access to our dedicated Cold Chain Team, available for your full support throughout the qualification process. With our data packages and services, your qualification time will be significantly reduced. 

We are your trusted partner for a smooth qualification process. Contact us today and ensure your availability to the most reliable solution for your temperature controlled shipment.

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